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CII – Insuring Women’s Futures

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Here you can find further guidance and support and research relevant to the Perils and Pitfalls identified in our research.

Insuring Women's Futures Original Research reports

Copyright notice:

The following resources have been developed from the original research reports and made available for supporting improving women’s financial lives. Copyright: 2019 Jane Portas (author) Insuring Women’s Futures (publisher). This material should be sourced referencing Jane Portas and Insuring Women’s Futures. The materials have been developed to inspire change, any reproduction or use (in whole or in part) for commercial purposes requires written consent of the parties, and specifically of Jane Portas as author including any use of the 6 Moments That Matter and associated frameworks.  Please see www.6momentsthatmatter.com for details and to make an enquiry.

Living a financially resilient life in the UK beyond Covid-19  – 6 Moments that Matter to build back fairer financial futures – our Manifesto priorities to address the impact of the pandemic on women and society

Living a financially resilient life in the UK – The Moments that Matter in improving women’s and all of our financial future

Solving Women’s pension deficit to improve retirement outcomes for all – Later life, planning and entering retirement: the Moments that Matter in the Pensions life journey for women: A4 print version / web version

Risk, exposure and resilience to risk in Britain today Women’s Risks in Life – an interim report

Securing the financial future of the next generation – The Moments that Matter in the lives of young British women today

Insuring Women's Futures general resources

The following resources were developed for Insuring Women’s Futures Talk210K campaign and are available to support improving the financial lives of women in society. Commercial use of these materials requires written consent as set out in the above Copyright notice.


Perils and Pitfalls and the financial lives of British women today – a short video outlining the Moments that Matter and the Perils and Pitfalls in women’s financial lives

Talk 2 10K toolkit  – a step-by-step guide to how you can instigate an informal but action-oriented conversation with friends, family, colleagues or larger groups to inspire people to engage in their financial futures

Perils and Pitfalls and Moments that Matter in the financial lives of British women – a short video of a narrated presentation by Jane Portas

Financial Wellbeing Guide (shorter, printable version) – a version of the Financial Wellbeing Guide that can be printed on a standard desktop printer on 2 sides

Financial Wellbeing Guide Corporate version (shorter, printable version) – a version of the Financial Wellbeing Guide that can be printed on a standard desktop printer on 2 sides, suitable for a corporate audience

The Pensions Life Journey – a version of the Financial life journey focusing on women’s retirement wellbeing

Other general resources

Citizens Advice

Free, independent, confidential and impartial advice to everyone on their rights and responsibilities

Advice Now

Free, accurate information on rights and the law


Safe place to talk at any time about any issues


Government services and information


Find a local, qualified financial adviser


Search for financial advisers, accountants or pension mortgage advisers

Girls’ Apprenticeship Gap


Apprenticeships guide for parents

Institute for Apprenticeships

Guidance on finding the right apprenticeship for you

Female Financial Capability Imperative

Money Advice Service

Tools, calculators and advice on money, saving, debt and budgeting

Money Girl

Managing money more effectively for women under 35

Young Women’s Trust

Support for women aged 16-30 struggling on low or no pay and at risk of being in poverty

Young Money Blog 

Helping young people understand money matters

Make Money Make Sense

Financial advice for students, teaching aid for teachers

The Girls’ Network

Connecting girls from the least advantaged communities with a mentor and professional role models

Savvy Woman

Advice on how to get more from your money

Money Nuggets

Financial education for women

Boring Money

Investment guidance

The Money Charity

Education, information and advice on money matters

She’s on the Money

Managing personal finances

Debt Support Trust

Debt advice & support

Debt Advice Foundation

Support & advice about loans, credit & debt

The Purse

Financial education, support and tools

Money & Mental Health

Practical Financial Skills to Manage Money

Debt & Mental Health

A guide to Tax Debt and Mental Health

Young Women’s Graduation Burden

National Association of Student Money Advisers 

Advice, information and training for students

Minimum wage/Living wage calculator

Calculator for workers

Women’s Pensions Deficit

Pensions Advisory Service

Pension information and planning tools


Guidance on achieving a better income in retirement

State Pension 

Information about your state pension

State Pension Check

Check your state pension

Pension Wise

Guidance about your pension options


Find a qualified, local financial adviser

Pension Scams awareness

How to spot and avoid pension scammers

Women’s Wellness Threat

Period Poverty Guide from Yoppie

A short educational guide about period poverty, understanding the myths and taboos around menstruation

Association for Post-Natal Illness

Support, education and information


Mental health services in England


Menopause treatment, overview and symptoms

Breast Cancer Care

Treatment, support and information

British Heart Foundation

Women’s heart matters magazine

World Health Organisation

Women’s health


How to find a job after rehab

Longevity Trap


Social care and support

Age UK

Advice and support

Which? Elderly Care

Advice about caring for older people

Dementia UK

Support for families facing dementia

Alzheimer’s Society

Information and support

Carers UK

Advice, information and support for carers

Motherhood and Caring Penalty/ Flexible Working Sacrifice

ABI Transparent Parental Leave initiative

Voluntary initiative across the insurance sector for employers to commitment to supporting and welcoming working parents and championing inclusion.

Women Returners

Network and guidance for women returning to work following a career break


Website where parents can pool knowledge, advice and support

Talent Keepers

Support for employees and educating employers on returning to work

Work Happy Mums

Support for working mothers and guide and advisor for employers

Working Families

Advice and information for working parents and supporting employers to create a better work-life balance

Divorce and Separation Setback

Child Maintenance Service or Support Agency

Financial support information about your child’s living costs when you are separated


Relationship support for individuals, couples and families

Relationships Scotland

Family support services across Scotland

OnlyMums / OnlyDads 

Support for parents during separation and divorce

The Centre for Separated Families

Information and advice for everyone affected by family separation


Relationship support from a mobile-friendly platform

Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service

Represents children in family court cases in England

Splitting Up? Put Kids First

Online space where separated parents can work out how they will support and care for their child

Domestic Abuse Danger

Surviving Economic Abuse

Guidance and support for women and girls subject to economic abuse

Rape Crisis

Sexual violence support, counselling and information services


Domestic violence support

Hidden Hurt 

Domestic abuse information

Women’s Aid

Domestic abuse information and support


Domestic Abuse, Sexual Violence and Substance Use


Internet Safety Guide for Women

The Recovery Village

Domestic violence resources

Tuck: Alcohol & Sleep

Tuck: Addiction & Sleep

The impact & problems that addictive substances can have on your sleep

Tuck: Non-drug Therapies



Cohabitation Pitfall

Citizens Advice

Legal differences between living together, getting married and entering a civil partnership

Advice Now

Cohabitation rights

Gender pay Gap

Office for National Statistics

Understanding the gender pay gap in the UK


Guidance and advice on pay rights