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CII – Insuring Women’s Futures

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About us

What is Insuring Women’s Futures?

Insuring Women’s Futures is a voluntary programme established and led by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) in collaboration with a wide variety of leading insurance professionals, businesses, policy and third sector organisations and experts on issues relating to women’s risks.

The programme was founded in 2016 by a group of women in the insurance profession and operated actively until 2021 following the publication and roll out of its public manifesto for change.  A Market Task Force was formed to drive its agenda, and the programme’s reach extended across insurance, personal finance, wider financial services as well as employers, the third sector, policymaking and more broadly.  Following the publication of its Manifesto in 2020, many individuals and organisations (including CII) have taken forward, and continue to progress, the recommendations.  Details of the programme’s reach and impact may be found in the Insuring Women’s Futures’ Impact Report. 

Insuring Women’s Futures is part of the broader Insuring Futures initiative, improving the insurance and personal finance profession’s understanding of, engagement with and support for the whole of society.

Insuring Women’s Futures’ ambition

Insuring Women’s Futures aims to evolve the insurance and personal finance profession‘s approach to women and risk, working with all those with a shared interest in improving financial security for women and society as a whole.

Insuring Women’s Futures’ research, change reports and financial wellbeing guides (part of the Risks in Life Series developed by Jane Portas) highlights that many risks experienced by people in Britain are disproportionately borne by women. By addressing the root causes of these risks and improving women’s financial resilience, we will improve financial security for all. .   Further information about Jane Portas’ work on Risks in Life, 6 Moments That Matter and Financial Life Journeys may be found at www.6momentsthatmatter.com

Insuring Women’s Futures’ leadership and reach

Insuring Women’s Futures is led by the Insuring Women’s Futures Committee comprising leaders from across the U.K. and global insurance sector together with expertise from society. It is supported by an Advisory Panel of experts on a range of issues including pensions, health, academic research, legal, inclusion and financial planning. An Ambassadors network continues to reach women across society.

Details of the governance for the programme and the Market Task Force established to take forward the findings are outlined below.

Insuring Women’s Futures has formed formal associations with the following organisations: UN Women UK, International Finance Corporation, Fawcett Society, Inclusion @ Lloyd’s, Insurance Supper Club, Insurance United Against Dementia, Women of the World Foundation.

Women at Risk – Women's risks in life:
Understanding the personal and professional risks women face across society and their experience of insurance and personal finance to enable improvements in the way the profession supports women.
Women as Risk – Risk solutions for women:
Identifying new and improved valuable insurance and financial planning solutions for women’s risks, including approaches to engagement, information and guidance, together with supporting women’s preferences as personal and professional buyers of insurance.
Women in Risk – Careers in risk for women:
Improving the profile of women in the profession, in particular increasing the number of women at senior levels and making the profession more attractive to female talent and better placed to serve women’s needs in society.
Press release
Manifesto full report published: Living a financially resilient life in the UK
Press release
Insuring Women’s Futures launches digital guide to give women control of their financial futures
Press release
New cross sector task force to improve women’s resilience to risk
Press release
IWF Committee announced – 31 August
Press release
Announcing Inga Beale as Patron of IWF
 ——– IWF Committee ——–
Dame Inga Beale Board Director (previously Chief Executive Officer, Lloyd’s) Patron
Denis Duverne  Chairman AXA Group Global Non Executive Director 
John O’Roarke Insurance Non Executive
UK Non Executive Director
Sian Fisher Chief Executive Officer, Chartered Insurance Institute Executive Chair
Jude Kelly, CBE Founder, Women of the World and former Artistic Director of the Southbank Centre Lead: Women in Society
Jane Portas Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers Lead: Women’s risks in life
Barbara Merry Insurance Non Executive
Lead: Women’s Risk Solutions
Barbara Schönhofer MBE Executive Chair, Shonhofer Lead: Women’s Careers in Risk
Sian Fisher CEO, CII IWF Executive Chair
Alison Burns Non-Executive Director, Hastings Advocate – Protection and Health
Sara Ager Partner, EC3 Legal Legal Counsel
Ian Simons Marketing Director, Chartered Insurance Institute Programme Lead
Helen White Insuring Futures Director, Chartered Insurance Institute Insuring Futures Director
Nicola Seager Executive Support, Chartered Insurance Institute Programme Secretary

The IWF Committee is responsible for setting the direction, and overseeing the overall delivery, of the IWF Programme of activity; it is supported by an IWF Working Group which is responsible for driving programme activity delivered by the CII team.  The IWF Committee has formed an Advisory Panel of leading experts from both within and outside of the profession with whom to consult in relation to programme activity.  It has also formed an Associate Group of organisations and parties sharing a complimentary ambition with the aim of collaborating to achieve common goals.


 ——– Market Task Force ——–
Anthony Baldwin AIG
Chief Executive Officer, AIG UK
David Battle Aon Chief Executive Officer, Aon Employee Benefits UK
Yvonne Braun Association of British Insurers Director of Policy, Long-Term Saving and Protection
Andy Curran Aviva Life Managing Director Pensions & Investments
Darrell Sansom Axa Chief Marketing Officer, Axa UK
Laurie Edmans CBE Financial Inclusion Commission Commissioner
Joanne Musselle Hiscox Chief Underwriting Officer
David Hertzell Independent Chair, Professional Standards Board, Chartered Insurance Institute
Cheryl Agius Legal & General Chief Executive Officer, General Insurance
Mike Crane Liverpool Victoria Broker Managing Director

Market Task Force members

Insuring Women’s Futures Market Task Force Insuring Women’s Futures is supported by a Market Task Force comprising the following firms and individuals who are committed to leading delivery of the Manifesto on behalf of the insurance and personal finance profession. The Market Task Force is further supported by an extensive range of individuals and firms from across financial services, as well as policy experts, regulators and representatives from the third sector. We are grateful for their support.

  • Barbara Schönhofer
  • Barbara Merry
  • Denis Duverne
  • Dame Inga Beale, DBE
  • John O’Roarke
  • Jane Portas
  • Sara Ager
  • Sian Fisher