CII – Insuring Women’s Futures

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Risks in life

The risk, insurance and financial professions can be powerful enablers in addressing some of the societal challenges that women face.

Our goal

To understand the personal and professional risks women face across society and their experience of using insurance to help manage these, to enable improvements in the way the profession supports women as clients and policyholders.

What we will do

  • Collaborate with women’s organisations and charities to gain a greater understanding of women’s risks and needs, seeking qualitative guidance from leading experts and surveying members to produce quantitative insight
  • Make a positive contribution to society through lending support to women’s causes e.g. through supporting women’s charities at IWF events

IWF reports and studies

Risk, exposure and resilience to risk in Britain today

Other reports and studies

Protection matters – does women’s  financial planning match their priorities? (Aegon 2016)

SheforShield: Insure women to better protect all

What really matters: protecting women from the unexpected (Aegon 2014)


Women face outsized financial risks taking care of an elderly relative