CII – Insuring Women’s Futures

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Here you can find further guidance, support and research relevant to the Perils and Pitfalls identified in our research

General Resources

Citizens Advice – free, independent, confidential and impartial advice to everyone on their rights and responsibilities

Advice Now – free, accurate information on rights and the law

Samaritans – safe place to talk at any time about any issues – government services and information


Girls’ Apprenticeship Gap

CII – apprenticeships guide for parents

Institute for Apprenticeships – guidance on finding the right apprenticeship for you


Female Financial Capability Imperative

Money Advice Service  – tools, calculators and advice on money, saving, debt and budgeting

Money Girl – managing money more effectively for women under 35

Young Women’s Trust – support for women aged 16-30 struggling on low or no pay and at risk of being in poverty

Young Money Blog – helping young people understand money matters

Make Money Make Sense – financial advice for students, teaching aid for teachers

The Girls’ Network – connecting girls from the least advantaged communities with a mentor and professional role models

Savvy Woman – advice on how to get more from your money

Money Nuggets – financial education for women

Boring Money – investment guidance

The Money Charity – education, information and advice on money matters


Young Women’s Graduation Burden 

National Association of Student Money Advisers – advice, information and training for students

Minimum wage/Living wage calculator – calculator for workers


Women’s Pensions Deficit 

Pensions Advisory Service – pension information and planning tools

PLSA – guidance on achieving a better income in retirement

State Pension – information about your state pension

Pension Wise – guidance about your pension options


Women’s Wellness Threat  

Association for Post-Natal Illness – support, education and information

NHS – mental health services in England

NHS UK – menopause treatment, overview and symptoms

Breast Cancer Care – treatment, support and information

British Heart Foundation  – women’s heart matters magazine

World Health Organisation– women’s health


Longevity Trap 

NHS – Social care and support

Age UK – advice and support

Which? Elderly Care – advice about caring for older people

Dementia UK – support for families facing dementia

Alzheimer’s Society – information and support

Carers UK – advice, information and support for carers


Motherhood and Caring Penalty / Flexible Working Sacrifice

Mumsnet – website where parents can pool knowledge, advice and support

Talent Keepers – support for employees and educating employers on returning to work

Work Happy Mums – support for working mothers and guide and advisor for employers

Working Families – advice and information for working parents and supporting employers to create a better work-life balance


Divorce and Separation Setback 

Child Maintenance Service or Support Agency – financial support information about your child’s living costs when you are separated

Relate – relationship support for individuals, couples and families

Relationships Scotland – family support services across Scotland

OnlyMums / OnlyDads – support for parents during separation and divorce

The Centre for Separated Families – information and advice for everyone affected by family separation

Click – relationship support from a mobile-friendly platform

Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service

Splitting Up? Put Kids First – online space where separated parents can work out how they will support and care for their child


Domestic Abuse Danger

Rape Crisis – sexual violence support, counselling and information services

Refuge – domestic violence support

Hidden Hurt – domestic abuse information

Women’s Aid – domestic abuse information and support


Cohabitation Pitfall 

Citizens Advice – legal differences between living together, getting married and entering a civil partnership

Advice Now – cohabitation rights


Gender pay Gap

CII – Guidance for employers

Office for National Statistics –  Understanding the gender pay gap in the UK