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What is Insuring Women’s Futures?

Insuring Women’s Futures (IWF) is a programme established by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), aimed at promoting and enhancing the insurance and financial planning profession’s role in relation to Women & Risk.

In the UK alone, insurance contributes £29bn to GDP and employs 334,000 people. It plays a vital socio-economic role in relation to the women’s risk agenda, both as a provider of insurance risk solutions, and as an employer harnessing female talent, alongside lending support to women through a range of social responsibility activity.

As the leading professional body for the insurance and financial planning sector, the CII exists to promote higher standards of integrity, technical competence and business capability across the profession. This includes providing education and training, establishing professional standards and qualifications, and through this governing Chartered status for members and firms.

The evolving global socio-economic environment and the international nature of insurance business means that diversity is core to the future success of the profession. This includes not only the skills and experience of talent across the value chain, but also cultural diversity to ensure insurance business models are representative of the society served by the profession. Disruptive forces, including developments in regulation, capital, technology, and policyholder expectations, as well as new and growth markets, mean that diversity and, in particular, gender diversity is paramount. Further, the changing demographic of women in society, their increasing influence as domestic buyers of insurance, and commercially through enterprise initiatives and as business influencers, and the current profile of women in senior roles in the sector, means there is more to do to promote women in the insurance profession, both as clients and as employees.

The over-riding goal of IWF is to help reinvent insurance for women as clients and employees. We will do this by pursuing the following three core objectives:

Women at Risk – Women's risks in life:
Understanding the personal and professional risks women face across society and their experience of using insurance to help manage these to enable improvements in the way the profession supports women
Women as Risk – Insurance solutions for women:
Identifying new and improved valuable insurance solutions for women’s risks (i.e. product) including their needs and preferences as personal and professional buyers of insurance (i.e. service)
Women in Risk – Careers in risk for women:
Improving the profile of women in the sector, in particular increasing the number of women at senior levels and in business roles, building the pipeline of younger career women in the profession, and making the sector more attractive to new female talent
Press release
New cross sector task force to improve women’s resilience to risk
Press release
IWF Committee announced – 31 August
Press release
Announcing Inga Beale as Patron of IWF
 ——– IWF Committee ——–
Barbara Merry ISC Committee member, iWIN Chair IWF Risk solutions for women
Barbara Schönhofer CEO, Schonhofer Executive Search IWF Lead: Women’s careers in risk
Lesley Penney Executive Assistant, CII IWF Programme Secretary
Denis Duverne Director, Deputy CEO, AXA IWF Global Non-executive
Ian Simons Marketing Director, CII IWF Programme Lead
Dame Inga Beale, DBE
CEO, Lloyd’s IWF Patron
Jane Portas Partner at PwC IWF Lead: Women’s risks in life
John O’Roarke Chairman, Horwich Farrelly IWF UK Non-executive 
Sara Ager Legal Director, Commercial & Governance, EC3\Legal Legal Counsel
Sian Fisher CEO, CII IWF Executive Chair
Alison Burns Non-Executive Director, Hastings Advocate – Protection and Health
Jude Kelly Artistic Director, Southbank Centre Advocate – Women in Society

The IWF Committee is responsible for setting the direction, and overseeing the overall delivery, of the IWF Programme of activity; it is supported by an IWF Working Group which is responsible for driving programme activity delivered by the CII team.  The IWF Committee has formed an Advisory Panel of leading experts from both within and outside of the profession with whom to consult in relation to programme activity.  It has also formed an Associate Group of organisations and parties sharing a complimentary ambition with the aim of collaborating to achieve common goals (including The Insurance Supper Club).  Full and further details to be published shortly.

  • Barbara Schönhofer
  • Barbara Merry
  • Denis Duverne
  • Dame Inga Beale, DBE
  • John O’Roarke
  • Jane Portas
  • Sara Ager
  • Sian Fisher

There is growing evidence to suggest that men and women have different needs in relation to risk, insurance and wider financial services.

Insuring Women’s Futures aims to pull together existing and new research, and champion the development of products and services, guidance and advice, and employment opportunities to redress the balance.

Men are 61%
more likely to have insurance for long term care
And yet
Women are 30%
more likely to be in need of nursing home care
Source: Swiss Re European Insurance Report 2015

of women say they have little to no understanding of individual pension savings


of women don’t know what pension pot they’ll need to secure the retirement income they hope for

Source: Scottish Widows Women and Retirement Report 2015